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Holiday Light Installation

Book Now & Save 10% 
Early Order Pricing Ends November 20th! 

  • book your installation before November 20th for 10% off list price for available holiday lights and accessories

  • WE ONLY USE LED light that utilize light emitting diode bulbs provide stronger and longer-lasting illumination than that of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. They dramatically lower the cost of your energy bill and are much more eco-friendly products. Within an LED light bulb there is no filament to burn away, which is why there is a greatly reduced risk of overheating. The movement of electrons in a semiconductor material is responsible for their illumination. These bulbs exceed the lifespan of incandescent bulbs by thousands of hours, saving you money long-term. Due to the enhanced technology, LEDs use significantly less energy and your bill could be reduced by up to ninety percent! Incandescent bulbs emit 10% light and 90% heat, which is why they must be replaced almost every year.

  • You can purchase your own LED Lights from us or we can use yours

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